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Sock Monkey Costume DG-28686D $55.89

Sock Monkey Costume   DG-28686D    $55.89
" Oh I seem to remember you", said the doll sitting upright in the frilly blues and whites of an ornate dress. The Sock Monkey looked at her "I hope it is a pleasant memory that you shall gather by looking at me." "Indeed, quite so" replied the doll. "You also have been in my dreams, wearing an outstanding scarf and a red fedora. You were the hit sensation of the ball that night. I shall never forget that." "Since you seem to like me that much, would you like to come with me to the next Sock Monkey Festival? You would be able to see me and all my Sock Monkey friends!" Jumpsuit, attached tail and character headpiece. One size fits most adults, 42-46. Toy doll not included.

Captain America Female DG-50260 $47.89

Captain America Female  DG-50260  $47.89
When Miss Captain America throws her mighty shield, All those who choose to oppose her shield must yield! If she's led to a fight and a duel is due, Then the red and the white and the blue will come through, When Miss Captain America throws her mighty shield!" Be a real American Dream in this female version of the classic Captain America costume. Costume includes dress and eye mask. Boots and shield not included. Sizes 4-6, 8-10, 12-14

Batman Classic RU-889054 $52.89

Batman Classic   RU-889054  $52.89
Robin: "You can't get away from Batman that easy!" Batman: "Easily." Robin: "Easily." Batman: "Good grammar is essential, Robin." Robin: "Thank you." Batman: "You're welcome." Muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops, headpiece with cape and belt. Adult large fits sizes 42-44.

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler SS-25795G $47.89

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler   SS-25795G   $47.89
As I walk the streets of Tokyo, I am nearing my desired destination, namely the Sumo Hall where I will soon satisfy my lifelong fascination for that sport. That is when a Japanese gentleman approaches me, and asks me " 'Why are you wearing an inflatable Sumo costume? It looks so strange!" I explain to him that I felt attraction to the costume in relation with my visit of today. He chuckles "Ah, he continues, you shall never be sanctioned because of your Mawashi becoming undone and eliminating you from the match!" "Oh, but what is a Mawashi?" I ask, puzzled. "Your belt is a Mawashi. And by looking at your costume, I can tell it will never be a problem!" An inflatable Sumo Wrestler for any Cosplay fun time!

Pig Mascot UP-303 $137.89

Pig Mascot   UP-303   $137.89
This little piggy went to market for a wig and a red nose, This little piggy stayed home and liked none, This little piggy liked steampunk and was busy at the sewing machine, This little piggy wanted a superhero costume, And this little piggy cried oui oui oui all the way to the Supercon! Jumpsuit with attached mitts, pig head with ears and jumbo feet. One size fits most. Height up to 75 inches, waist size up to 60 inches. Machine wash gentle. Flame retardant. Polyester.

Ninja Babe BW994 $47.92

Ninja Babe  BW994  $47.92
She looked groovy and well-dressed in that amazing ninja outfit. The turtle design on the back was a giveaway of whom she swore allegiance to. “Tell me Lady Ninja Turtle, are you in any way affiliated to the ninjas sporting Renaissance names?” She smiled mysteriously, did a pirouette and brought herself closer to the open window. My eyes blinked and she was gone! I knew she was gone and I would never see her again. I had this fantasy of her being April O’Neil, just playing out her own fantasy. I guess I would never find out now. 3-Piece Ninja Babe includes Stretched lycra turtle dress, mask, gauntlets. Ninja Stick not inlcuded. (BW505 Black Industrial Net Thigh Highs and BW889 Black Petticoat sold separately)